Course duration: This is a 48 hour course covered in two blocks.


Course Aims and objectives:

The course aims to:

  1. relate sociological concepts to classroom practice.
  2. enable students to evaluate sociological theories with a view to improving the teaching and learning process.
  3. foster in student teachers a sense of cultural and social identity which are consistent with the teaching profession and society in general.


At the end of the course , students are expected to be able to:

  1. demonstrate an understanding of the sociological and  historical framework within which educational institutions work.
  2. Identify and create  conditions that  promote meaningful learning.
  3. counsel and guide pupils in response to their personal needs.


Through this course,  sociology of education, you will acquire a very important intellectual asset for your future teaching career. It is the only subject that can give you a better grasp of the overall education process and the meaning of teaching practices, and raise your awareness of the imperatives of social dynamics. However, we must not forget that a truly professional understanding of the education process also requires the acquisition of scientific knowledge from related disciplines such as psychology, philosophy, history, statistics, and so on