The course is designed to assist students in developing requisite skills in Nursing Management,  administration and leadership. The course aims to enable the student to function as a nurse educator , nurse manager and  nurse researcher at every level of the health delivery system. The course covers the purpose of life and objectives of the MOHCC as well as the Organizational structure. Classical and contemporary management theories are covered. Functions of a manager. Leadership theories and motivating the workforce is also covered. Ethical issues in nursing management. Asset management. Nursing informatics and quality assurance.


Course objectives:

At the end of the course students should be able to:

Describe the philosophy and objectives of the health services in Zimbabwe

Identify management theories relevant to nursing management

Discuss the functions of a nurse manager for various health care settings 

Apply leadership theories to nursing at various levels

Identify and analyze legal and ethical issues in nursing management

Describe the process of quality assurance in nursing services